October 9, 2017

Stepping Stones

My Biology teacher loves to use metaphors and one specifically she told me I'll never forget.

She said, "Our genetics are like a textbook. We don't want all of our cellular potential (chromosomes) all at once (closed textbook). If that were the case, then we would be 25 with not only all of our baby fat but also grey hair (at the same time). We want our textbook of genetics to be flipped to a certain chapter at a certain time, so when we are little we have baby fat, and when we get deeper into the book we have grey hair."

September 24, 2017

Blind Sided (Vlog)

Hello everyone!

So the other day, I just decided to go for it and make my first (Jesus) YouTube video!

I think it's time to step away from my comfort zone a little bit and make an actual video blog post. I absolutely love writing like way more than video, but I know if I am going to get anywhere I gotta learn how to talk to people (on camera and off) :)

September 17, 2017

From Nothing to Everything

It all started with walking into school one morning, praying in my head for some action in my life, and the next moment finding out I was voted as my grade's (Freshman) Homecoming Princess.

At my school, Homecoming voting starts as nominations-- you can nominate any person from any grade. With those nominations come with the first round of voting, in which everyone's name who was nominated is put on a ballot and your grade votes. After that, the top girl and guy represent your grade on the Homecoming Court. There are 2 freshman and sophomore candidates (1 boy & 1 girl), 4 juniors, and 8 seniors on the court. Only the seniors were eligible to become the queen and king.