August 12, 2017

Why I Want to Be A Lioness Arising

I LOVE INSTAGRAM. It is my favorite social media of all time. Meaning, I am on it ALL the TIME.

My mom and I oftentimes send screenshots to each other of different profiles that we should follow on Instagram. From dogs to pastors, we have quite a variety on our feeds. One person she sent me was Lisa Bevere.

August 4, 2017

Fear of the Night

Recently, things have just been absolutely crazy. From the people around me undergoing the unthinkable to my family heading into the unknown, it's truly a season of faith for more than just myself.

Despite all of the chaos erupting around me, personally, this summer has been a huge self-discovery season like none other. Since this summer is such key component for me to uncover my confidence in Christ, it's also a major time to be a target. For Satan, really every season of life is a time to be targeted, but it's whether we overcome his games or stand firm in the Lord that is the real test.

July 24, 2017

Jesus Be Crazy

We live in a generation with a lack of faith. When you lay down on your bed at night questioning the existence of this so-called "God," and your mind says you're crazy with naming the impossibilities from your imagination… that is not you.

I understand it's hard to believe in something you can't see, but oftentimes you can't see because the enemy gives you thoughts that you're crazy. Thinking 'you're crazy' is one of the enemies' most commonly used tactics; that seems to shield a good chunk of the population from experiencing the full love Jesus has for us. And the "crazy" part is that this all takes place in your mind, not an outside force with a red tail and a red triangle on the end of it… it's all psychological.