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April 22, 2018

The Way

I feel like when our lives don't necessarily go how we want them to, our first initial reaction is to feel sorry for ourselves. I know that is mine.

But what if our first initial reaction was to just smile. That life isn't what we wish it was, but with each smile, it ignites some else's who may be going through the same thing. What if we lived our lives like we had everything we could ever want or imagine? What if we walked around the halls of our school or workplace like we had every dream we could ever think of, every hope we could ever desire right now?

March 31, 2018

One's Dream

It only takes one... to change the world.
And that world changer is not any older than 6 years old.

March 23, 2018

For A New Christian...

Being a Christian in this world is hard.

I know when I first became a new Christian, it was hard for me to know "what to do". When I went to church they would say things like, "start a relationship," or "spend time with Him." But I never truly knew what that looked like. 

"How do you spend time with someone when you can't see them?"
"What is the next step?"

These past couple of days I have just felt like I should make a little "guide" of ways to continue or start your walk with God, along with some awesome people to follow on social media. We need to stick together! 

March 10, 2018

This is Me

The Greatest Showman.
That craze ended long ago, but I have just had the opportunity to watch it for the first time, and wow.

That message really captivated my heart. The music was so powerful. Aaah, I just loved it.

I love the practicality of Jesus, so I couldn't help but relate the sort of "old-fashioned" movie to our lives today.

The movie was all about acceptance.

February 6, 2018

Just Say Yes

This year so far has been a year out of my comfort zone to say the least.
The past couple of years it has just been Jesus and I, and now my horizons have expanded, and the Lord has presented me with so many opportunities to use that time of preparation.

But even though I know the Lord has my back, I can't help but be utterly confused what He's doing. I have my dreams, but the road getting there seems furthest from a reality.

The Lord doesn't operate through time... but we do. He can do infinitely more in one day than we could do in an entire year, but to my human mind I can't help but think when will everything fall into place? Where are those stepping stones leading me?

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